Group Balance
Yoga Class

"As Julie gently guides the group energy balance, everyone is carried to a new and better place; a renewal of mind, body and spirit.  This hour reveals the best version of each of us and helps us believe in the human spirit in a fresh way." - Paul M.

How Does Group Balance Work?

Julie Conrad developed Group Balance after listening to clients request to receive energy balances more often.  She wanted to offer a way for individuals to join in community to create healing more regularly and at a lower cost to each individual. For this powerful 45 minute online session, Julie has combined all of her healing modalities into one intuitively led healing sequence.   She offers group balances once a month through the Army of Love, but you can join for just $11 per month if you can't participate in the monthly Army of Love subscription.

What to Expect?

Each hour begins with individual intention setting. Next, Julie begins a Reiki infused guided meditation from her heart, guiding you to a place of peace and healing within. After Julie completes this step, she gently balances the group with Accunect.

What Intention to Set?

There is no one answer. Your intention can be for peace, physical healing, spiritual growth, alignment with self, joy, wellness, energy, balance and about any other thought that comes to you.  If there is something you want to bring into your life, it is the intention for you.

Is Group Balance for Me?

Are you stressed, long for a quiet hour and want to heal through connection? If so, this class is for you!