This online 6 weeks study is sure to help you be more confidant in your intuition. 

What past participants are saying:

"Participating in Julie Conrad's Trusting Your Intuition class was an inspiring and learning adventure.  For those seeking higher intuition in their spiritual journey, there is much to glean from Julie's wisdom and experience from her own life.  With emphasis on achieving balance in life, in order to create space to grow, I learned to nurture my gift of intuition at each class, using various methods or "tools", i.e., daily journaling, dreamwork, meditation and exercise, along with Julie's vast insights into techniques that can elevate one's consciousness. We explored the concept of how thoughts become things and learned how to change negative thought patterns to create space for positive thoughts, thus higher intuition. I am truly grateful that I had this opportunity.  If you are willing to do the work of it, your sixth sense will soar!" - Kathy H.

"I loved taking this class. (Trusting Your Intuition) Julie has a way of presenting the material with such a warm, open, relatable heart.  Like taking a class with your best friend. The exercises that we too home were all relevant an impactful – they really did and do make a difference if you do them, and they are on-going – creating more of a practice in your daily routine that really does make a change.Trust your intuition and take the class." - Janie H.

-Learn to trust your intuition more through exercises in class and at home
-Receive special balancing to help open and boost your internal guidance
-Develop your ability to create mind space to "see" more
-Learn to meet an animal guide
-Experience intuition boosting meditations and energy
-Begin distinguishing the guidance you receive versus your mind clutter
-Explore how play can bring guidance and sharpen your intuition