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Essential Oils


I get a lot of questions about essential oils and how, where and when to use them.  The benefits are vast and they have transformed my daily routine with positive results.  Come join me to learn about Young Living essential oils and how you can begin implementing them into your daily routine.  Whether you want smoother skin, need to disinfect a cut, want to make beauty products like bath bombs or sugar scrubs or want help with headaches, congestion or digestion, this class will educate you and help you get started.  

During our time together, I will walk you through how I use essential oils on a daily basis and which oils I feel are the best bang for your buck to start your collection!  I will also have time for Q & A.  Feel free to email me your questions in advance. 

Class is $12 per person and includes a 15% discount on any essential oils you want to purchase.

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