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Reiki Treatment

"I like to see Julie regularly for Accunect and Reiki sessions because I know that energy balancing will keep me healthy and yes, happy. I prefer to receive treatment before I have symptoms. Julie is always intuitive, sensitive and delivers excellent results."- Alma S.

Where Did Reiki Originate?

In the 20th century, Mikao Usui founded the practice of Reiki in Japan. "Reiki" is the combination of two Japanese words, "rei" meaning universal and "ki" meaning life energy. The word represents universal energy. Reiki is growing in popularity due to its ease of use and effectiveness.  Many hospitals, clinics and offices have implemented Reiki as a practice to reduce stress and increase natural healing for employees and patients.

How Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki is used to aid the natural healing within the body. It can be combined with other modalities to speed the body's ability to heal. Reiki can be used to treat the mind, body and spirit, making it an ideal modality for anyone looking for a holistic approach. It can be used to treat acute illness, pain, stress and emotional distress. The beauty of Reiki is that there are no negative side effects. 

What To Expect In A Reiki Session.

Reiki is energy that moves through the practitioner and out their eyes and hands into the client. Clients stay fully clothed during a session and often covered with a blanket to increase relaxation. Reiki can be practiced with touch or by holding the hands slightly off the body. The practitioner gently holds their hands in positions on the body to increase the energy flow to that area for several minutes and then moves the hands slowly to the next location. Many clients describe the Reiki energy as warm, tingling, sparkly, soothing, relaxing and/or pain relieving.

Want to Learn How to Give Reiki To Yourself and Others?

Julie Conrad is a certified Reiki Master-Teacher and has taught over 100 people this lovely, healing art. Click below for more information on Reiki Training and Attunements.

"I leave Julie's office and feel lighter, brighter and freer every time!! It's the most amazing feeling!  I truly believe in the power of energy healing!! - Alie S

Reiki Treatment
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