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Individual and Group Services

Qi Gong, Healing, Energy Work

"In her healing sessions, Julie has an intuitive way of gently recalibrating one's heart-mind. She always welcomes me into a place of loving kindness and knows precisely what my energy body needs. I leave her office feeling more at peace with the life living through me." –A O’Brien

This unique blend of energy techniques includes Trilogy Alignment Reiki, Natural Alignment techniques  and Intuitive Healing.  Each session is customized to your intention, helping you return to a state of balance and peace.


An intuitive based energy session utilizing a combination of Reiki, Trilogy Alignment and Natural Alignment.  Great for kids and those looking for a energy quick tune-up.

Alignment - This service brings your body back into its ideal alignment by using your natural healing ability to align the spine, hips, shoulders, neck and legs.


Advanced Energy Techniques

What is Included in Advanced Energy?

This class is a brand new offering from Julie Conrad.  You must have completed Reiki II and Natural Alignment to be eligible.  This class focuses on training students in Rapid Cell Regeneration, a unique type of energy Julie uses to help others heal ligaments, tendons, bones, organs, cuts, wei qi, chakras and more.  In this class, the focus is on using intuition along with imagination to stimulate "sight" within the body to create lasting change and transformation.  Class includes hands on training, coaching, Q & A, case studies and practitioner balancing.

Should I Take This Class?

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Do you have questions about energy and how to use it in an even more tangible way? Are you open to watching the body heal in a profound way? If you answered yes to all of these and have the prerequisites, then this class is for you.

  Reiki I – This class covers the history of Reiki, basic chakra and anatomy information, tips for self-healing and for working with others and includes the first attunement to allow Reiki energy to flow through you.

Next Class January 29, 1-3pm.


Reiki II – This class teaches you how to focus Reiki energy for emotional healing, energy clearing, cord cutting and distance healing.  It includes the second attunement that increases the energy flowing through the practitioner up to four times.   

Next Class April 19, 3-8pm..



This unique experience includes the final attunement to Reiki Master.  Julie hosts a transformational day filled with love, guidance and energy.  In addition to the final attunement, Julie leads Qi Gong, Group Balance, Guided Meditation, and more.  Snack and lunch are included.


Blossom Natural Alignment Class

This class teaches students an intuitive earth-based energy technique that creates alignment, reduces pain and opens the flow of energy.  Each week, students learn a new self-care technique, increase their kinesthetic senses and learn how to build energy and use it to help others heal.  Throughout the class the techniques build to encourage confidence and see results. 

Next Class begins January 18th at 4pm.  

Available in person and via Zoom as well as online make-up for missed classes.

What students are saying...

"This class (Blossom Energy Technique) was magical!  Thank you for sharing your healing techniques, for believing in our power and ability to do energy work, for helping us focus on our individual self-care. I am forever changed for the better."  -Nancy N.

"The energy techniques class gave my concrete thinking mind a way to grasp a more intuitive way of looking at the world. It helped me to trust my intuition more and believe that I can be the healer that I came here to be."- M. M.

"I love your class!" I feel so inspired, knowledgeable and equipped to use the techniques I have learned in your class!" - Niska C.


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