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Energy Alignment

An energy alignment with Julie includes Reiki, Trilogy Alginment and Natural Alignment mixed with intuition to ensure you leave feeling like your best self. About Reiki Reiki is used to aid our natural healing ability. It can be combined with other modalities to speed the body's ability to heal. Reiki can be used to treat the mind, body and spirit, making it an ideal modality for anyone looking for a holistic approach. It can be used to treat acute illness, pain, stress and emotional distress. The beauty of Reiki is that there are no negative side effects.  About Trilogy Alignment Trilogy offers an intuitive, simple and effective way to address imbalance in the body.  In Chinese medicine, it is believed that "dis" ease is caused in the body by some aspect of the mind, body, spirit or emotions being out of balance.  Trilogy utilizes Chinese medicine principles, Universal Truth and Intuition to address the various aspects of "dis" ease at their root, helping the body to create lasting balance and healing.  It is painless, creates peace within the body's natural healing ability and allows the body to do what it was designed to do - heal. About Natural Alignment By working with the body's natural healing ability, Natural Alignment restores structural balance to the body. Unlike modalities that use force, twisting and cracking, natural alignment simply provides the ideal frequency that the body responds to, and hips, spines, knees, shoulders, necks, sphenoids and more, gently roll into place. Because, there is no force, the body only moves as far as is best at that time. This holistic approach helps clients heal as they are ready.

Evidential Mediumship
Intuitive Reading

Connecting to your loved ones in spirit can bring healing and peace. In these 30 or 45 minute sessions, Julie utilizes evidential mediumship to bring through 2-4 loved ones, and/or offer intuitive guidance. About Evidential Mediumship During an evidential session, Julie will bring through facts about your loved one to verify their identity. These could be physical appearance, personality traits, shared memories, places, hobbies or other details that describe your person. About Intuitive Readings During an intuitive reading, Julie will answer questions about your life, offer guidance and empower you with options.

Julie Conrad
Blossom with Julie Conrad

A Little More About Julie's Healing Journey

Over the past 30 years I have experienced profound healing from physical ailments (fibromyalgia and CFS), from mental stress and anxiety and have also found peace in healing spiritually through connection. Over a decade ago, I found energy medicine and my mentor and felt a profound shift toward healing on all levels that made me want to study energy medicine so I could help others heal as well.     ​ Since then, I have continually read, questioned and listened to my guides and angels to create my intuitive healing style.  I find great joy in helping others find balance in their lives, their hearts and their minds. Watching and supporting my clients and students increase their consciousness and awaken their innate healing abilities is at the very core of my life's purpose. ​ I started Blossom in 2014 with only four clients and have now helped hundreds of people learn, grow and heal their mind, body and spirit.  As a Reiki Master-Teacher, Accunect Practitioner, Certified Holden Qi Gong Instructor, Intuitive Teacher and Evidential Medium, I greatly enjoy teaching a variety of classes that I have written on personal and spiritual growth, Natural Alignment and Chinese Wisdom.  I also teach all levels of Reiki. ​​ I love watching people enhance their innate abilities, change their perceptions and expand their understanding.​ I count it a privilege to walk beside each person I work with as they explore wholeness, joy, healing and their unlimited potential.  For me, the gift is in the journey, connecting with others, and watching miracles happen.

What Clients Are Saying

“Julie Conrad is absolutely astounding!! She gives Mr Miyagi, a whole new meaning!! Trust me when I say,  Julie’s healing energies and gifts are truly life changing!! Thank you Julie, you are an absolute blessing!! " - Beth S.


Natalie M

“I had been experiencing post-concussion symptoms for a month after a horse riding accident.  She worked on me for 15 minutes, and my symptoms were gone the next day and never returned.  Prior to our session I was having memory problems, trouble focusing, vision strain, and daily migraines. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for help clearing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages and issues.” 


Dr. Amy G

Julie is a gifted healer and a compassionate person. She has treated me for over three years, helping me manage several auto-immune disorders. She also extends her gracious healing gift to me when dealing with my emotionally and physically stressful life. Beyond the normal chaos of modern life and the auto-immune disorders, my partner is in the 10th year of cancer. There are days that Julie sends me a quick text to let me know I matter, and when the emotional chaos breaks me, those messages power me forward. I encourage anyone seeking intuitive support and healing to make an appointment with Julie. I deeply appreciate, respect, and adore, Julie.

Stress Relief

Suzanne H

From my very first session with Julie, I knew that her healing work was real. Her sessions have helped me both emotionally and physically. After I broke several bones in a car accident, her healing techniques helped me to recover quickly, to the amazement of people on my medical team. She is intuitive, kind, down-to-earth, and a gift to the community. I am grateful to know her!

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