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Blossom Certified Energy Practitioners

Meet these amazing healers who have completed the core courses and mentoring program to become a Blossom Energy Practitioner. I am so delighted with all of their dedication to healing, heart-centered practices and growth! 

Interested in becoming an energy practitioner and working with Julie? Read more about the program or email Julie to schedule a 15 minute exploratory call. 

Meet The Practitioners

Beginning my journey as a state and nationally licensed massage therapist, I have been
studying the healing arts for over 20 years.  For the past 10 years, I have devoted my
study and my practice to using Energy modalities including, John Barnes Myofascial
Release, Healing Touch, and Reiki. I am also happy to say that I am now a Blossom
Certified Energy Practitioner, and incorporate modalities such as Natural Alignment and
Triology Alignment in my practice as well.


My goal as an energy practitioner is to help facilitate physical and emotional healing for overall health and well-being.  My own journey has not been easy (chronic back and neck pain, Lyme disease, etc,) yet it has taught me so many humbling, valuable lessons of self-healing, empathy and compassion that I bring to my practice.  Through my own journey, I have found that ENERGY THERAPIES are what help me most.  My hope is that you will too.
Phone: 513-305-2157

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Janie Hall

Emily Craun has been a certified Reiki Master Practitioner since 2018 and has been in business full time with Crystal Horizons starting in June 2020. She has completed training in Natural Alignment, Blossom Advanced Energy, and Trilogy Alignment energy healing techniques, and continues to learn and expand her skill base.


Crystal Horizons was created with the intention of providing a safe space for energy healing, self care, and resetting into a balanced state of being without judgement. Emily lives in Independence with her boyfriend and their dog, Millie. Her favorite place to be is on a beach with a good book and no cell phone.


You can follow Crystal Horizons on Instagram ( and Facebook ( Visit for more information or to book an appointment.”

Emily Craun

I am Anita Long, Reiki Master, Blossom Certified Energy Practitioner, Crystal Healer,
and owner of Cultivate Healing. My journey in energy healing began in 2014 when I was
diagnosed with a life changing chronic illness. The options for healing via traditional
Western medicine were limited, and my search for alternative therapies led me to this
life-changing work!
I began my formal study in the healing arts to simply practice on myself so that I could
continue to lead a full life despite my health challenges. In 2020, I opened Cultivate
Healing to share what I have learned and practiced over the years with others in need of
healing or peace in their lives, whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I
love introducing my clients to simple energy practices they can use daily that will
enhance their overall well-being and allow their body’s natural healing abilities to
My practice is located in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, and I am available via virtual
appointments. You can reach me at:

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Anita Long

Kristie Michelle Lammi is a Certified Reiki Master & Master Mindset Coach and founder of Soul-Aligned Success. She provides holistic life coaching and energy healing services to ambitious women- helping them rewrite the rules of success, learn to be their own best advocates, connect with their confidence, shed their fears, and create a life that honors who they are at a soul level.  

She combines 15+ years in business, sales, and customer service, with multiple coaching and healing modalities - to help women align on a holistic level to their goals inviting in more joy, fulfillment, and freedom -making success more attainable and sustainable, and challenging stress as the status quo.
513-401-5465 (text)

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Kristie Lammi

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