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 "I sought treatment from Julie for a bladder issue which was going to require surgery. After 3 sessions, the problem was completely resolved, and no surgery was necessary! While I always understood the benefits of energy healing, this was a tremendous confirmation! So grateful for Julie offering her gifts to our community in service of health and wellness." - Anita L

"Julie is one of the most down to earth and sweetest people. She takes care in healing her clients and is so intuitive and knows what needs to be balanced right away. She has helped me with so much of my own issues to work on, and everybody that I recommend her to instantly falls in love. Highly recommend Julie to anyone and everyone because we could all use a little more balancing!"- Haley Bosse

Participating in Julie Conrad's Trusting Your Intuition class was an inspiring and learning adventure.  For those seeking higher intuition in their spiritual journey, there is much to glean from Julie's wisdom and experience from her own life.  With emphasis on achieving balance in life, in order to create space to grow, I learned to nurture my gift of intuition at each class, using various methods or "tools", i.e., daily journaling, dreamwork, meditation and exercise, along with Julie's vast insights into techniques that can elevate one's consciousness. We explored the concept of how thoughts become things and learned how to change negative thought patterns to create space for positive thoughts, thus higher intuition. I am truly grateful that I had this opportunity.  If you are willing to do the work of it, your sixth sense will soar!" - Kathie H.

"Before joining Army of Love, I was in search of a community to help me commit on a deeper level to my personal and spiritual development. Along with the guidance and support I needed, I often felt alone on my journey, and desperately craved some connection with people looking to achieve similar goals.  Being able to connect with Julie and the members of Army of Love has provided me with a safe space to share my struggles, receive support and celebrate life wins in a warm and welcoming group environment. 
We learn about new topics each month that empower us with the information and inspiration to continue being the best version of ourselves and deepening our ability to be the light and love in this world.  I’m truly grateful for Julie and this community, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun community that encourages and empowers you to create the life you desire! " - Kristie Lammi

"I like to see Julie regularly for Accunect and Reiki sessions because I know that energy balancing will keep me healthy and yes, happy. I prefer to receive treatment before I have symptoms. Julie is always intuitive, sensitive and delivers excellent results."- Alma S.

"I had my first session with Julie, and I’m amazed at how good I’m feeling. I could literally feel her energy removing the difficult feelings I was experiencing. She explained everything that she was doing and how I may feel afterwards. My “sparkle” seems to be coming back. Looking forward to my next session! I highly recommend using her services!" - Barb Flynn

"When I was at my wits end and about to give up with countless health issues and doctors appointments trying to find answers I started meeting with Julie, which has changed my life and perspective of life drastically. With the combination of Reiki and Accunect she has helped me heal myself and come to terms with my emotions. Out of all the medicines I have been on for years nothing compares to the relief I feel after having a session with Julie. I always feel ready to take on the world and I am no longer in pain. I've grown so much as a person these past couple months and I couldn't be more thankful, appreciative and accepting of Julie and her work and helping me to heal myself when it felt like no body else could."– Kaley C.

 "I have found the sessions to be most beneficial. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to bring more harmony into their daily lives."– Alan H.

"I started seeing Julie over 2 years ago. She is the sweetest person, so intuitive and an amazing healer. She as helped me find peace and calm in my life. Julie is truly gifted and I am grateful for her kindness and help. Thank you Julie!" - Michelle Wagner

"I am absorbing life in a whole new way, with energy balancing.  I am calmer, more productive and peaceful. Life's not coming at me 100 mph anymore, I am just enjoying the moment I am in." - A. O'Brien

"I started with Julie over 2 years ago. She is a remarkable, talented and gifted individual. I’ve seen her for sessions and courses, in which she integrates mind, body and spirit. When I’ve finished a session or a class I leave feeling relaxed and empowered. Julie is kind, compassionate and intuitive. I’m grateful to have Julie help me through this journey. Thank you Julie."-Rhonda Clayton

"Reiki attunement with Julie has been one of the most profound blessings of my life. As a master teacher, Julie is not only knowledgeable about this powerful and ancient healing practice, but also incredibly wise about how she leads her students into it. Through attunement, and by meeting the innate healing power within me, my life and perception of all sentient experience has changed remarkably." -Alexis O.

"I was struggling with my Airbnb business and asked Julie to do a balancing on it.  I had not had many requests for a few weeks.  The next two days after balancing, I had 8 requests! Thank you Julie!" - Connie Naber

"Can’t recommend Julie enough and what she’s done for me and how this work has supported my life." - Jessica Wolf

"I loved taking this class. (Trusting Your Intuition) Julie has a way of presenting the material with such a warm, open, relatable heart.  Like taking a class with your best friend. The exercises that we too home were all relevant an impactful – they really did and do make a difference if you do them, and they are on-going – creating more of a practice in your daily routine that really does make a change.
Trust your intuition and take the class." - Janie H.

"I would refer Julie to anyone who is in need of healing wether emotional, spiritual, or just plain physical. I have referred her just under a dozen clients including my husband and step-daughters and everyone of them has gone back for more visits. True healers at hard to find and I appreciate Julie's unique and special gift as she has changed my life and opened me up to true peace within myself." - Ashley B.

"This Trusting Your Intuition series has changed my life.  It has made me sparkle a little bit brighter and I see this change in me and those I come in contact with.  I have a lightness in my heart and a beautiful glow.  I can't recommend this class enough.  Come with an open heart and be prepared to have an amazing shift occur in your life.  I never wanted this class to end." - Karrie C

"Sometimes words are inadequate. Thanking you for the Natural Alignment is one of those times.  A simple thank you doesn't cover it. It was an wonderful experience on so many levels.  The things we learned, the energy shared, the bond we all now share because of you.  I will miss our weekly gatherings.
I watch in amazement and awe the loving kindness you offer people.  We talked at the end of class today about how what we put out into the world comes back to us. I hope all the beautiful energy you offer the world is coming back to you 10 fold.
You have opened my eyes and soul to a new journey.  From my heart, I am forever grateful.  Looking forward to the experiences it will bring." -P. Miller

"I grew so much over these past seven weeks during the Trusting Your Intuition class and I am so excited to carry everything I learned with me on my day-to-day life.  It's empowering to know I have the wisdom to trust my intuition and how to listen and use it.  Thank you for everything!" - Claire C.

"The Natural Alignment class is an investment. There is no doubt about it. However, the investment is well worth it. I was one of the first people Julie attuned to Reiki I and II a few years ago. While I felt a shift and knew a different kind of energy was available to me, I didn’t trust myself and the energy to do what she said it would do. This class changed all of that. Julie has done a wonderful job of designing a curriculum where each class builds on the other. This style of learning is especially beneficial to me as I was able to practice what I had learned during week one throughout the rest of the class.  Since taking this class, I have become more confident in my ability to harness the healing energy available to myself and others." - Meghan M.

"Julie is truly gifted. I have been on a path seeking fulfillment and true awareness in my own life for a few years. She completed the circle of all of my previous self-work, connecting the dots and opening up the possibility of a spiritual connection/awakening (something I have been resistant to for a long time)".- Ashley B.

"The Natural Alignment class gave my concrete thinking mind a way to grasp a more intuitive way of looking at the world. It helped me to trust my intuition more and believe that I can be the healer that I came here to be."- M. M.

"I wanted to write you a thank you for everything that you've done! For nine years, I had been in pain from the waist down. I had been to countless doctors, undergone countless procedures, had to take a ton of different medications. I can't tell you how many nights Keith and I spent in the ER. I had spent a year and a half in a wheelchair before getting major back surgery. Even a year after the surgery, I was headed back into the wheelchair. The morning I walked into your office for the first time I was really feeling hopeless about my situation. I remember you praying over me when you started and I could God working through you and changing my body. I walked out of your office with no pain at all in my body! I'm now completely off my medication and I'm in much less pain than I have been in the last nine years! I can't wait to see how God will continue to work through you!" - Melanie L.

"From my very first session with Julie, I knew that her healing work was real. Her sessions have helped me both emotionally and physically. After I broke several bones in a car accident, her healing techniques helped me to recover quickly, to the amazement of people on my medical team. She is intuitive, kind, down-to-earth, and a gift to the community. I am grateful to know her!" - Suzanne C.

"This class, Natural Alignment, was magical!  Thank you for sharing your healing techniques, for believing in our power and ability to do energy work, for helping us focus on our individual self-care. I am forever changed for the better."  -Nancy N.

"Trusting your intuition class is some of the best money I have spent. The class was a reinforcement for me. I have been journaling, praying, dabbling in intuitive practices but this was the push forward to really seal in my connection with self and learning to trust my inner voice . Julie is one of the best leaders in the intuitive realm I have ever met. I totally trust her and knowledge on energy work and intuition. Truly, thank you Julie . I know it takes time and energy and I admire your comment to your practices." 
- Ashley Bley

"Thank you for all that are and do for all of your people everyday.  You make the world much more amazing!" - Adaire H.

"I love your class!" I feel so inspired, knowledgeable and equipped to use the techniques I have learned in your class!" - Niska C.

Oh, that is a red flag,”  “They give me the creeps,” “I just don’t feel good about it,” “I had this dream about you,” “I just knew it!” “Did you feel that?”
If like me you have said any or all of this statements in your life, your intuition is talking to you. Want to understand and trust the little voice more? Well then, Trusting Your Intuition is for you. 
Julie has established a six-week progression to help you to not only engage but also learn to trust that inner voice, your intuition. The combination of weekly class time, homework and meditation provided an environment of continued growth that was exciting and powerful. Our class group was wonderful and supportive of each other. A testament to the safe environment Julie creates with lots of understanding and joy.” - Jona Huffer 

"After taking training in three different modalities I have found that nothing equals practice. Doing the work is the key. If I never do another training I know that practicing daily on myself and practicing as much as possible on others will be the best thing I could do for both my personal and professional growth. And you are such a great inspiration in that regard, Julie. Your “just do it” attitude is spot on and infectious." - Robert G.

"Julie is a compassionate healer. She has the heart of a teacher and offers classes and workshops in a variety of things. I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 classes and use those techniques every day. I recommend her to anyone faced with illness, pain (emotional or physical), or in need of clarity. She has helped me personally with all of the above. She has a wait list, so don’t delay!" - Sarah C.

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