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Ashley B.

"I would refer Julie to anyone who is in need of healing whether emotional, spiritual, or just plain physical. I have referred her just under a dozen clients including my husband and step-daughters and everyone of them has gone back for more visits. True healers at hard to find and I appreciate Julie's unique and special gift as she has changed my life and opened me up to true peace within myself


Michelle W.

"I started seeing Julie over 2 years ago. She is the sweetest person, so intuitive and an amazing healer. She as helped me find peace and calm in my life. Julie is truly gifted and I am grateful for her kindness and help. Thank you Julie!"

Bouquet of Peonies

Barb F.

"I had my first session with Julie, and I’m amazed at how good I’m feeling. I could literally feel her energy removing the difficult feelings I was experiencing. She explained everything that she was doing and how I may feel afterwards. My “sparkle” seems to be coming back. Looking forward to my next session! I highly recommend using her services!" 

"Julie is one of the most down to earth and sweetest people. She takes care in healing her clients and is so intuitive and knows what needs to be balanced right away. She has helped me with so much of my own issues to work on, and everybody that I recommend her to instantly falls in love. Highly recommend Julie to anyone and everyone because we could all use a little more balancing!"- Haley B.

"Julie is a compassionate healer. She has the heart of a teacher and offers classes and workshops in a variety of things. I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 classes and use those techniques every day. I recommend her to anyone faced with illness, pain (emotional or physical), or in need of clarity. She has helped me personally with all of the above. She has a wait list, so don’t delay!" - Sarah C.

"After taking training in three different modalities I have found that nothing equals practice. Doing the work is the key. If I never do another training I know that practicing daily on myself and practicing as much as possible on others will be the best thing I could do for both my personal and professional growth. And you are such a great inspiration in that regard, Julie. Your “just do it” attitude is spot on and infectious." - Robert G.


Sarah B.

Julie’s gifts have helped me during my darkest times. She has helped shift my energy when I faced the ending of my marriage. With cord cutting, I was able to separate myself from my ex husband. AND she has also helped me in the good times. How do I manifest more of what I want in my life? Through her tools and guidance. I believe in her gifts so much that I had her on my podcast Failing Forward. I love you, Julie!


Marcia E.

Julie is an amazing healer and so gifted in all that she does. I have visited many specialists for my issue and Julie is the only person who can alleviate my symptoms and provide me relief. She is such a calming, kind person and immediately puts you at ease. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Bouquet of Peonies

Jona H.

“Caring, insightful, warm, trusting environment conducive for healing. My journey to good health has allowed me to experience a variety of practitioners with just as many skill sets. Julie, whom I call Joy, and the good work happening at Begin to Blossom have done just that, allowed me to blossom with joy. Whether it is reiki, Qi-gong or group meditation you too can Begin to Blossom!”

“I have been doing one on ones, group and workshops with Julie for four years.  She is a truly gifted and amazing soul!  I really enjoy doing all of her offerings because they make me feel very well rounded in my spiritual expansion.  I really enjoy her new you tube video series; they keep me on track in between our monthly one on one sessions.  I highly recommend Julie and all her amazing healing gifts!” - Melissa A

“If you are at all in need of physical, emotional or mental healing, if you want to learn more about yourself and your life purpose, if you want clarity, peace, growth and health, you cannot do better than getting to know Julie at Begin to Blossom. She is a life-changing, gifted healer and teacher.” - Suzanne H.

“Julie is wonderful to work with! When I first started seeing her, I had no idea what Reiki was and she didn’t mind answering all my questions throughout the first few sessions. She also offers group balances if you don’t want to have a private session, as well as workshops and classes for people who want to expand their own personal reiki practices. I always leave her office feeling better and less anxious. I highly recommend Julie/Blossom to everyone!” - Emily C


Tina K.

“Julie has helped me with physical pain, stress and anxiety. I leave my sessions feeling relaxed, calm and grounded. She uses different healing techniques for what my body needs. Julie teaches classes , workshops and also group balancing sessions. I highly recommend a session or a class!!”


Lauren M.

 “Julie has truly changed my life. She provides authentic and loving balance, peace, and restoration that is unmatched.”

Bouquet of Peonies

Jessica W.

“Can’t recommend Julie enough and what she’s done for me and how this work has supported my life. 🙏🏻”

“Julie is truly gifted! I always leave her office feeling much more calm, steady, and at peace- even on my best days. I look forward to every appointment and know for certain that we will get some meaningful internal work done. My oldest daughter enjoys seeing her too! Thank you for everything, Julie!” - Tori W.

“I have been going to Julie for years, and the healing work she does is absolutely amazing. She is extremely welcoming, and her office space is a very calming environment - you'll definitely leave feeling much better then when you arrived. Five stars all the way!” - Kole K.

Julie has established a six-week progression to help you to not only engage but also learn to trust that inner voice, your intuition. The combination of weekly class time, homework and meditation provided an environment of continued growth that was exciting and powerful.

Our class group was wonderful and supportive of each other. A testament to the safe environment Julie creates with lots of understanding and joy.” - Jona H.


Emily D.

“Where do I begin… I went to Julie for a Reiki therapy session to understand the “messages“ I have been receiving for years and from there I signed up for her intuition classes. I continue the Reiki sessions and I’ve never felt more at peace, more in tune with my self and more open to messages that I now understand to be my intuition. I now realize what a gift my intuition is! Julie’s intuition classes became some thing that I looked forward to every single week. I became so addicted to Julie’s energy and positive vibes that it was sad when the classes ended. I have recommended friends and family to Julie so that everyone can experience the peace and balance you achieve with every interaction you have with her. Julie’s gift of intuition is some thing I have never ever experienced before! I truly feel she is an angel sent to us. She becomes your friend and your guide and I can only hope that I can pass even a small amount of this gift to people in my life.”


Mary Jo C.

“Julie's Intuition classes will change your life. You learn so much about yourself and how you can see things in a different way. There are practical exercises to help strengthen your skills. I have taken many of Julie's classes over the years. She has an amazing gift and I am so grateful she is willing to share it with others. I continue to learn and grow through the skills she has taught me and she is always available to answer questions months later.  It is also nice to meet so many others with common interests that can create a support group for the future. If you have the opportunity and interest in any of her classes, it will be money well spent.” 

Bouquet of Peonies

Mary M.

“ I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression.. I had tried all the conventional treatments and nothing helped, nothing changed, nothing made a difference. I am a health care provider, I’ve worked as a ICU nurse for 15 years and when I tell you I was skeptical that this would work, I mean it.   After my first appointment, my world began to change for the better. I see Julie monthly and can say with 100 percent confidence that Reiki and energy work healed me. Each session I began to feel lighter, I was able to process my emotions and I started to do the work necessary to find my happiness. I am no longer anxiety ridden. My depression is gone, and I am happy. Working with Julie over the past 3 years has not only given me my life back, it’s helped me discover who I am.”

“Julie is such a blessing! When I met Julie at a retreat in January 2018, I was struggling with numerous issues, mainly stress, burnout and general anxiety, and feeling a bit lost in my career. I felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel of every day life and unsure how to get off or where to even begin. I began seeing her regularly every 4 to 6 weeks and have ever since. I've also taken all of her classes - she is such a wonderful teacher and bright light in my life.

The changes I've experienced because of Julie and her healing work cannot even be written in this short post, but they have been transformational on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Stress and anxiety do not plague me anymore. I've been able to find more joy in life and am filled with a deeper passion, purpose and fulfillment for my work.

Her healing and the results I've experienced has inspired me to become a Reiki Master and open my own healing practice so that I can guide others through similar transformations to living their best life.

I am forever grateful for Julie and I cannot say enough amazing things about her. Do not miss an opportunity to work with her!”Kristie L.

 “When there is a storm, Julie is the calm. Through her many gifts as a healer, she always makes you leave feeling lighter and better. Whether addressing physical, mental or spiritual concerns, you can rely on her to help in your healing process. She is continually learning, growing, and expanding her capabilities, which ultimately enhances each individual’s experience. Julie has changed my life, and I am grateful!” - Tonya S

“Julie’s gift of healing is felt from the moment you meet her!   Her energy is warm, compassionate, & loving.  I have been working with Julie for 5 years in personal sessions, reiki attunements, intuition classes & group balancing.  Whether I am experiencing physical injury/pain or emotional imbalance, I leave Julie feeling grounded, relaxed, and more peaceful.   I am learning to tap into my intuition and heal through my reiki practice.  Working with Julie has been life changing.  🙏🏻” - Lisa B

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