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Grow with Julie

Julie has been teaching for over 9 years and has helped hundreds of people create lives they love.


"Intuition is my favorite gift, it is always the right size, makes me happy and brings me peace." - Julie Conrad

Intuition Boosting, Growth Oriented, Empowerment Focused

Join Julie for classes that help you understand yourself and others, utilize your gift of intuition and start creating a life you truly love!

Julie has an amazing gift, and I am so grateful she is willing to share it with others. I continue to learn and grow through the skills she has taught me, and she is always available to answer questions months later.  It is also nice to meet so many others with common interests that can create a support group for the future. If you have interest in any of her classes, it will be money well spent." - Mary Jo C.


What Students Are Saying

"Blossom is an excellent resource on your healing journey. Whether you are just beginning on your journey, or taking your wellness to another level, Begin to Blossom is a great place to learn. Julie provides a safe learning environment for self discovery and healing. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to heal themselves, or anyone looking to help others heal. If you want to start your own practice, her classes offer updated healing modalities that are blended with traditional methods. Each experience is tailored to the student and their unique gifts. When I say that my life has changed for the better after taking her classes, I mean it!!!"

- Susan Stevens

Healer Skillset Development

Whether you want to use your innate gift of healing to help yourself, your family & friends or start a healing practice, Julie offers a wide variety of modalities to help you harness, develop and effectively use healing energy, ancient wisdom and your intuition.

Choose classes that interest you, fit your schedule and develop your skills at your pace.

“I have been a client and student of Julie for years. She has not only helped me not only heal many aspects of my physical and emotional body but is now preparing me to help others in their healing journey. Her radiant spirit and loving energy are a blessing and a gift which she shares abundantly.”- Anital L.

Blossom Energy Practitioner Training

If you want a path to become an energy healing practitioner, Julie has developed a certification program to help you develop your healing skills and business practice and confidently help others on their healing journey.

Julie leverages her decades of training in the healing arts and her 15 year successful corporate background in sales to help you succeed as you use your gifts to help others!

The following classes are required for certification as a Blossom Certified Energy Practitioner.


"Intuition is Everything"

If you aren't sure where to start your journey, start by investing in your intuition. It is at the heart of everything I teach. You can take my self-paced Intuition 1.0 class online.  It will empower you to create a life you love from your authentic self.

Your Intuition

Empowering you to create a life you love.

A Path to Healing

Equipping you with healing energy.


Enlightening you with ancient wisdom

of Love

Encouraging you with a growth minded community. 

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