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Feel the Love

I love it when my mom breaks through my thoughts when I am quiet and journaling. I have been considering a workshop to help others connect to their loved ones more deeply for awhile and feel that now, right before Mother's Day is a great time. During our hour and a half together, I will share with you:

  • Top 5 Things The Spirit World Wants You to Know

  • How to connect more easily with your loved ones

  • A guided meditation that creates the space to connect

  • Plus I will share what my mom has to say about the other side

I hear them in my office reassuring me that they are there. They have so much to say, so much peace to bring. They want to connect, to love, to help us live a happy life. Connecting to those in spirit is always a lovely experience. They are kind, gracious and want the best for us. 
If you have a loved one in spirit that you want to connect to, join me for this new workshop. I have helped hundreds of people connect through mediumship as well as energetic guided meditation. Your loved ones will be waiting. 

We Are Here

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