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Empowering and Inspiring Healing

Welcome to Blossom, a place where a revolutionary shift from "dis" ease to health for people is possible.  My goal is to help each person tap into their unlimited potential by using energy and education to heal their mind, body and spirit and feel extraordinary.  By using and teaching energy techniques like Reiki, Natural Alignment and Trilogy Alignment, individuals open up to what is possible and start to activate their innate healing abilities to create lasting growth & change.  This empowering approach equips people with the skills to create a deep sense of well being, wholeness, joy and vitality. 

I work with open minded people who are seeking to grow and thrive. Some of the most common imbalances that I help people with are: anxiety, stress, acute illness, auto immune disorders, painful joints, sleeplessness, depression, emotional overwhelm, mental fog, recovery from surgery, support while undergoing Western medicine treatments and to create an overall feeling of well being, what I refer to as "sparkle."


New Class - Trilogy Alignment
Weekend Training for healing self and others. Learn to align your energy to improve your health, release emotions that are blocking you and increase your consciousness.
September 22-24


Beige Brown Minimalist Fashion Beauty Youtube Channel Art (2).png

 “Being on the receiving end of Julie’s gifts has been all blessing for me.I have been in multiple classes and individual sessions, I admire Julie’s professionalism sparked with her comfortable and friendly nature. Her delivery comes effortlessly and fluidly, and her confidence is coupled with humility.Julie has an innate and obvious gift, and has studied for many years.My trust in, and love for Julie has come easy for me as is for others as well; the level of trust I felt was set in stone from the beginning. She’s a gem!” - Eilleen B.

Meet Julie

Hi, “I’m the “Julie” in Blossom with Julie Conrad. I recently took the title of CEO, Chief Empowerment Officer, at Blossom because I believe my energy is best spent empowering others to heal, grow, and manifest the best, most sparkly version of themselves! When people ask me what I do, I often say, “watch miracles happen all day!” I truly love people, their stories and helping them peel off what’s holding them back.

I put my business degree to work running the business side of things at Blossom, but I also have some unique gifts that I use daily with clients and while teaching! I am highly intuitive, have the gift of mediumship (yes I can see your passed loved ones - humans and animals) and can see energy in the body and around it. I have written multiple courses to help people unlock their intuition, better understand self and others and manifest amazing lives.  I am currently working on a book written with my mom, who passed away 2 years ago, as well as a new confidence boosting intuition class. On weekends you can find me with my group of close friends cooking and chatting or on the sidelines cheering my daughters on as they cheer, golf, kick, bump or sing for fun.

I was once asked if I could do anything, what would it be? To the person’s surprise, I answered, what I am doing now! I left a 15 year corporate career 9 years ago to start Blossom with just 4 clients and never looked back! I trusted my intuition and the constant urging in my heart to follow my dream of helping others heal and took the leap. I am consciously and intentionally creating my best life, one day at a time!

Beige Brown Minimalist Fashion Beauty Youtube Channel Art (2).png

Grow with Blossom

Your Intuition

Empowering you to create a life you love.

A Path to Healing

Equipping you with healing energy.


Enlightening you with ancient wisdom

of Love

Encouraging you with a growth minded community. 

"I started with Julie over 2 years ago. She is a remarkable, talented and gifted individual. I’ve seen her for sessions and courses, in which she integrates mind, body and spirit. When I’ve finished a session or a class I leave feeling relaxed and empowered. Julie is kind, compassionate and intuitive. I’m grateful to have Julie help me through this journey. Thank you Julie."

-Rhonda Clayton

Contact Us


73 Cavalier Blvd.

Suite 211

Florence, KY 45242



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Julie Conrad  * Blossom Wellness & Healing *
73 Cavalier Blvd Suite 211, Florence, KY 41042
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