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Natural Alignment
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 Life Changing Class

What is Natural Alignment?

By working with the body's natural healing ability, Natural Alignment restores structural balance to the body. Unlike modalities that use force, twisting and cracking, natural alignment simply provides the ideal frequency that the body responds to, and hips, spines, knees, shoulders, necks, sphenoids and more, gently roll into place.  Because, there is no force, the body only moves as far as is best at that time. This holistic approach helps clients heal as they are ready.

What's Included in Class.

This modality focuses on reducing physical pain and promoting structural alignment. The class will focus on a new technique weekly with each week building on the previous.  In addition, there are personalized drawings for instruction, guided practice with other students and one-on-one assistance.  During the class, Julie also shares energy boosting techniques, self-care practices, meditations and her personal experiences. 

What To Expect After Class. 

By the end of class, students will be able to aid others in naturally aligning their bodies, aid in pain reduction, amplify other healing modalities, help others feel more grounded, balance brains, aid in headache pain reduction and more.  This technique mixes well with Reiki and other modalities.

Top Uses for NA

  • Headaches

  • Low Back Pain Release

  • Shoulder Pain Relief

  • Brain Balancing

  • Perspective Shift

  • Relieve Pain Quickly and Speed Healing

  • Aid in Concussion Relief

  • Spinal Alignment


Niska C

"I love your class!" I feel so inspired, knowledgeable and equipped to use the techniques I have learned in your class!" - 


Nancy N.

"This class (Natural Alignment) was magical!  Thank you for sharing your healing techniques, for believing in our power and ability to do energy work and for helping us focus on our individual self-care. I am forever changed for the better."  

Bouquet of Peonies

Adaire H.

"Thank you for all that are and do for all of your people everyday.  You make the world much more amazing!" 


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