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Personal Growth

army of love

The Army of Love is a growth- oriented online community designed to inspire, connect and help you heal.  Conquering fear and bringing peace...More

Join me to learn to use this new modality that teaches you to trust yourself, facilitate balance and be a catalyst for healing. Weekend Intensive Sept 22-24

Julie Conrad

Are you confidant in your intuition? Do you want more peace in your life? Join Julie live starting October 4th!
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personal growth
Reiki is a simple, life force energy practice that anyone can use for self-care, to promote healing...
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spiritual growth

Feeling stuck or frozen in your life? This 6 week course will help you navigate your emotions, get invigorated and better understand others. Starts August 16, 2023
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Julie Conrad

Looking to develop as a healer? Join me for a 12 week journey of self-discovery, business development and alignment with purpose. Starts Jan 11!
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