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Reiki Classes

"Reiki attunement with Julie has been one of the most profound blessings of my life. As a master teacher, Julie is not only knowledgeable about this powerful and ancient healing practice, but also incredibly wise about how she leads her students into it. Through attunement, and by meeting the innate healing power within me, my life and perception of all sentient experience has changed remarkably." -Alexis O.



What is Reiki?

In the 20th century, Mikao Usui founded the practice of Reiki in Japan. Reiki is the combination of two Japanese words, "rei" meaning universal and "ki" meaning life energy. So Reiki means universal life-force energy. Since its development, Reiki has spread from Japan to Hawaii and then to the continental United States and throughout the world  Reiki is growing in popularity due to its ease of use and effectiveness.  Many hospitals, clinics and offices have implemented Reiki as a practice to reduce stress and increase natural healing for employees and patients.

Reiki is divinely guided energy which means that while the practitioner may have their hands in one position, the energy will flow to the area of the body that will benefit the most.  It can easily be combined with other modalities to speed the body's ability to heal. Reiki can be used to treat the mind, body and spirit, making it an ideal modality for anyone looking for a holistic approach to healing self and others. It can be used to treat acute illness, pain, stress and emotional distress. The beauty of Reiki is that there are no negative side effects and clients report feeling at peace, less pain, improved sleep, relaxed and improved emotional states.

Reiki I Class

The first level of Reiki is a five hour class that includes the first attunement, Reiki principles, the history of Reiki, basic chakra information, basic anatomy and guided practice for self-healing and healing others. The attunement is a process where the Reiki Master-Teacher, attunes the Reiki student to the frequency of Reiki so the energy can flow through the student. After this class, Reiki energy flows through the Reiki I student enabling them to give Reiki to themself and others. Class size is kept to 8 or less. Next class is February 26, 10-3pm.



Reiki II Class

Reiki II Class teaches you to focus the Reiki energy.  It includes the second attunement which can magnify the strength of the Reiki energy up to four times.  During this class, students receive Reiki symbols that focus the energy. The Reiki capabilities include the ability to send Reiki through space and time allowing the practitioner do perform distance healing work. It also includes symbols for clearing which can be used on people as well as objects, homes and more. The final symbols in the class include the ability to energetically cord-cut trauma, events and people to create healing and emotional freedom. This class is designed to provide ample time for practice with all the symbols as well as time to practice on fellow students to experience the new strength of the energy. Class is 5 hours.  Next class is December 14, 3-8pm.

Reiki Master Retreat

The Reiki Master One-Day Retreat has been designed to provide a relaxing, healing environment for Reiki II Practitioners to spend time together through the Reiki Master attunement and classwork. Class size is limited and practitioners must show a readiness, willingness and diligence in their practice to qualify. Next One-Day Retreat is March 12, 10am-6pm. Cost is $375.

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