Vision Board
Workshop Online


Activate the Law of Attraction in 2022 with a new Vision Board! Join Julie Conrad online to learn what goes on your vision board and what doesn't go on a vision board. Julie will lead you though several activities to prep your creative juices, amp up your energy and get you motivated to live more of the life you want in 2022!  Enjoy her helpful hints to get the most of the creative process and activate your manifesting potential!   Online class includes over an hour and 15 minutes of videos, journaling prompts and more.  Online class cost $40.

"I took this class last year, and I swear it changed my life. Looking back, there are so many things I placed on my board just because I liked how they made me feel, but I didn't understand the meaning, and now I do! I see how they have manifested in my life. - Ashleigh