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Bridge into the Woods

Are you tired of repeating the same emotional pattern when stressed? Some people are chronic worriers, some people get angry and feel stuck, others feel anxious and some get apathetic. Join me at your own pace online to find out which element you relate to personality-wise and begin to learn how to create more balance in your mind and relationships. This class is a great tool for understanding not only how you function, but also how those around you relate to you and what their patterns might be. The Chinese 5 Elements really represent an ancient personality typing method that is over 3,000 years old. Understanding yourself and others brings more peace, forgiveness, growth and flow to your life.

If you want to gain a better understanding of your patterns, join me for a 6 week class to learn how to navigate your emotions, compost negative emotions to transform them and find more inner peace. Class includes 6 guided meditation, 6 Accunect balance and exercises to work with your emotions to physically release them.

  • Identify your go-to emotional pattern

  • Learn to navigate out of negative feelings

  • Explore how your body may be storing your emotions and where

  • Receive energy balancing to feel more harmony

  • Understand yourself and others in a new way

  • Develop effective life management skills

Class available online now!   Online questions and answer available in online class format.

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