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Trusting Your Intuition

Starts January 12, 2024
11:30-1 Fridays

Create a Life You Love!

 I will be teaching my refreshed and expanded intuition class live via Zoom in January 2024! After listening to feedback from my students and tapping into what my angels and guides have to say, I am excited to teach this amazing 11 week class! This new version will encompass all the material from Trusting Your Intuition and the Advanced Intuition Bootcamp plus includes new tips and tricks to really help you gain the confidence you desire!

This class will be recorded each week and loaded into my online teaching portal so you can find handouts, lecture videos, guided meditations, energy balances and special articles with ease. 



Cost is $555

The deposit is just $111 to sign up!

I am also offering a payment plan with 4 payments if you need it. Why wait, start trusting yourself and creating a life you love!

Bouquet of Peonies

Top Benefits of Trusting Yourself!

  • Recognize what’s intuitive information versus the voice in your head

  • Make decisions with confidence and top second guessing yourself

  • Release anxiety and fear to create a calm life

  • Understand and live your purpose in life

  • Feel more confidant in your decisions

  • Meet your guides and angels

  • Experience intuition boosting meditations and energy

  • Receive special energy balances to release blocks and increase your intuition

  • 1 Year access via online portal

“Trusting your intuition class is some of the best money I have spent. The class was a reinforcement for me. I have been journaling, praying, dabbling in intuitive practices but this was the push forward to really seal in my connection with self and learning to trust my inner voice . Julie is one of the best leaders in the intuitive realm I have ever met. I totally trust her and knowledge on energy work and intuition. Truly, thank you Julie ." - Ashley Bley

What past students are saying...


Mary C.

"Julie's Intuition classes will change your life. You learn so much about yourself and how you can see things in a different way. There are practical exercises to help strengthen your skills. I have taken many of Julie's classes over the years. She has an amazing gift and I am so grateful she is willing to share it with others. I continue to learn and grow through the skills she has taught me and she is always available to answer questions months later.  It is also nice to meet so many others with common interests that can create a support group for the future. If you have the opportunity and interest in any of her classes, it will be money well spent."


Janie H.

"I loved taking this class. (Trusting Your Intuition) Julie has a way of presenting the material with such a warm, open, relatable heart.  Like taking a class with your best friend. The exercises that we too home were all relevant an impactful – they really did and do make a difference if you do them, and they are on-going – creating more of a practice in your daily routine that really does make a change.Trust your intuition and take the class." 

Bouquet of Peonies

Kathie H.

"Participating in Julie Conrad's Trusting Your Intuition class was an inspiring and learning adventure.  For those seeking higher intuition in their spiritual journey, there is much to glean from Julie's wisdom and experience from her own life.  With emphasis on achieving balance in life, in order to create space to grow, I learned to nurture my gift of intuition at each class, using various methods or "tools", i.e., daily journaling, dreamwork, meditation and exercise, along with Julie's vast insights into techniques that can elevate one's consciousness.  I am truly grateful that I had this opportunity.  If you are willing to do the work of it, your sixth sense will soar!" 

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