Trilogy Alignment

I have been studying the healing arts and various healing modalities for over a decade and been in practice over 8 years. As I have practiced this beautiful art of trusting my intuition, source and ancient wisdom, I have developed a well rounded guide to address all the layers within a person. Trilogy Healing represents the “magic” of combining your energy, with your client and Source and trusting your intuition, ancient wisdom and universal truth to create miraculous shifts towards healing the whole self.

While all healing is self-healing and it is up to each client, by using muscle checking and intuition to “tap-in” to the subtle body, this new modality allows people to facilitate rapid and gentle energy shifts to create more optimal health. I have found that using ancient Chinese wisdom based on 5 Element Theory as a base is a natural way to leverage my years of study and training. I then combine this with shifts in consciousness that help clients integrate new thoughts, release old beliefs and emotional patterns and open them to a healing state that creates health, balance and long-term growth.

Join me to learn to use this new modality that teaches you to trust yourself, facilitate balance and be a catalyst for healing. Within 12 weeks, you will:

  • Know and be effectively using a healing modality that can be used as it is or combined with other modalities like Reiki, Natural Alignment and Healing Touch.

  • Improve your ability to integrate thoughts to create healing for yourself and others.

  • Deepen your understanding of Chinese 5 Elements to help you identify imbalances.

  • Trust yourself more, release your attachment to the outcome and witness miracles!

Class begins Oct13th, 12:30-2:30

$755  Payment options available.

2 payments of $377

3 payments of $252

6 payments of $125

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Class Outline

Week 1 - Trilogy Healing Overview, How it Works - 5 Elements, Universal Truths and Intuition, Muscle Checking

Week 2 - Fire Element - Mind & Body plus What’s Healing Discussion

Week 3 - Fire Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Kinds of Healing

Week 4 - Earth Element - Mind & Body plus Healing the Physical Goes Deeper

Week 5 - Earth Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Client Beliefs

Week 6 - Metal Element - Mind & Body plus Why Emotions Are Important

Week 7 - Metal Element - Spirit & Emotion plus How to Trust Your Guidance

Week 8 - Water Element - Mind & Body plus No Diagnosis - Ethical Healing

Week 9 - Water Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Client HW

Week 10 - Wood Element - Mind & Body plus Deepening Your Practice

Week 11 - Wood Element - Spirit & Emotion plus You Can’t Mess it Up

Week 12 - Pulling it All Together, Graduation