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Trilogy Alignment

Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Universal Truth

                    Plus Your Intuition

Waitlist for 2024

Energy Healing

How & Why Julie Created Trilogy

I have been studying the healing arts and various healing modalities for over a decade and been in practice over 9 years. As I have practiced trusting my intuition, source and ancient wisdom, I have developed a well rounded guide to address all the layers within a person. Trilogy Healing represents the “magic” of combining your energy, with your client and Source along with the 3 foundations of wisdom from your intuition, ancient Chinese knowledge and universal truth to create miraculous shifts towards healing the whole self. While all healing is self-healing and it is up to each client, by using muscle checking and intuition to “tap-in” to the subtle body, this new modality allows people to facilitate rapid and gentle energy shifts to create more optimal health. I have found that using ancient Chinese wisdom based on 5 Element Theory as a base is a natural way to leverage my years of study and training in various healing modalities and Qi Gong. I then combine this with shifts in consciousness that help clients integrate new thoughts, release old beliefs and emotional patterns and open them to a healing state that creates health, balance and long-term growth. This modality is simple to use, effective and helps people move from surviving to thriving. It is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to bring more alignment into their life or feels called to help others reclaim their "sparkle" in life.

Learn to:

  • Effectively begin using a healing modality that can be used as it is or combined with other modalities like Reiki, Natural Alignment and Healing Touch.

  • Improve your ability to integrate thoughts to create healing for yourself and others.

  • Deepen your understanding of Chinese 5 Elements to help you identify imbalances.

  • Trust yourself more, release your attachment to the outcome and witness miracles!

Class Outline

Friday 4-9pm EST

  • Trilogy Healing Overview, How it Works - 5 Elements, Universal Truths and Intuition, Muscle Checking

  • Fire Element - Mind & Body plus What’s Healing Discussion

  • Fire Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Kinds of Healing

Saturday 9am-5pm

  • Earth Element - Mind & Body plus Healing the Physical Goes Deeper

  • Earth Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Client Beliefs

  • Metal Element - Mind & Body plus Why Emotions Are Important

  • Metal Element - Spirit & Emotion plus How to Trust Your Guidance

Sunday 10am-4pm

  • Water Element - Spirit & Emotion plus Client HW

  • Wood Element - Mind & Body plus Deepening Your Practice

  • Wood Element - Spirit & Emotion plus You Can’t Mess it Up

  • Pulling it All Together, Graduation

Waitlist for 2024

Payment options available. Please email if interested

Holistic Medicine

Kristie L

"I wanted to tell you that the accepting life balance you did for me a few months back really has been life altering. Even though my one circumstance hasn't changed, I'm actually loving my life in all the other areas now. It's so freeing and empowering and I feel super excited about the future. It really has helped me let go of the need to control and over analyze and just acknowledge that the hard part is just a season and it won't last forever. So thank you!

Intuitive Healing

Karen B.

"I worked on my mom today around 5:30pm and she just sent this message. 'Wow, I am sure I can tell some improvement! Thank you soooo much!'

I'm so grateful you taught me Trilogy!"

Bouquet of Peonies

Anita L 

So I was in fact your miracle last week! I cannot tell you how much better my leg is! I cleaned out the storage room and I've been up and down the stairs at least 357 times!!! Also, I had not been able to sit with my right leg under me and now I can. The nerves are back online!


Your Intuition

Empowering you to create a life you love.

A Path to Healing

Equipping you with healing energy.


Enlightening you with ancient wisdom

of Love

Encouraging you with a growth minded community. 

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