Advanced Intuition

Starting April 22 at 6pm!

Online via Zoom

Purple Buds

Everyone has intuition, what you do with it is up to you.  It is just like any other muscle and the more you use it, the stronger it gets.  This 4 week series is an intuition boot camp.  The goal is to help you release any blocks you have around your intuition, hone it to be sharper and more accurate and give you exercises to practice on your own to keep the momentum going.  This class is very interactive and will have a little bit of home practice involved.

The format will be similar to Trusting Your Intuition except that there will be more third eye on practice.  If you have an open mind, the desire to be more intuitive and enjoy learning new things, then give this class a try. It will increase your confidence and make you trust yourself even more!

Class Schedule is as follows:

Kick-Off Call April 17 4pm

April 22 6-7:30pm

April 29 5-6:30pm

May 6 6-7:30pm

May 14 4:30-6pm

May 20 5-6:30pm

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