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Seeing More...Part 2

The second experience that deepened my understanding of the spiritual realm and opened my eyes to see more intuitively happened 5 years ago in June of 2013. My father-in-law gave me a beautiful gift in his passing; the deep peace that death is merely a transition and that there is nothing to fear.

My father-in-law had gone into the hospital to get a stint to start dialysis. During the procedure, his vitals dropped to the point that the procedure had to be stopped, and he was hospitalized. We were ready to go on vacation and he told us to go, that he would be fine and out of the hospital when we came home. We called daily for updates and realized that he wasn’t improving. When we came home, he was still in the hospital and was rapidly declining.

I asked in my heart to his if I could give him Reiki as he no longer could speak. As I started to work on him, his blood pressure and vitals evened out, something his medical team hadn’t been able to accomplish all day. I prayed for wisdom and peace while I listened and hoped.

For several days after we returned he refused to eat, and with desperation and hearts full of love, his family decided to try to save him with a feeding tube so he could gain strength to take dialysis. Each time the hospital staff would try to work on him, he would fight. I prayed again and laid my hands on him, I could feel his soul begging me to not let them put the feeding tube in, to begin to let him go. I could feel the pain, the suffering and the panic in his body and began to cry. I was so overcome by his panic and my grief of facing letting him go that I had to leave the hospital. I left that day unable to speak anything more than "I have to go." I rushed to the elevator with tears falling down my cheeks, my breath tight in my chest, I rushed to the solace of my car to breath and listen for guidance.

I knew that I needed to tell my husband that his father was ready to leave this earth. How do you tell someone the most heartbreaking news you can imagine? I wanted my father-in-law, Jim, to be at peace though so I talked with my husband, and he talked to his mom and brothers. Together, they decided to begin to say goodbye.

Jim moved to hospice and everyone began to prepare for his transition. I had been giving him Reiki daily to calm his body and make the transition easier and peaceful. I believed this was the most loving gift I could offer. I knew the time was drawing near after they moved him, and I went to bed on the second night and began to pray and send him loving energy, not to heal him, but to ease his parting. I fell asleep sending him energy. While I slept with the energy move through me to him, I had a dream that our souls were together in a rainbow-tunnel of light. At the end of the rainbow was golden sparkly light that felt like pure love. In the dream, I told him that it was ok to leave, that we knew he loved us. He stayed in the tunnel with me through the dream. I woke in wonder of my dream and shared it with my husband.

The following day Jim’s condition worsened, and I had a deep intuitive knowing that he would transition that evening. Everyone came home, and I had not seen Jim because I was taking care of our two daughters to give my husband as much time as possible with his dad. I asked my husband and mother-in-law if they wanted me to go over late than evening around 10:00pm to sit with him. They said no, just to get some rest. I felt deeply that I need to connect to him.

I began to pray as I went to bed and sent Jim reiki. Again, I fell asleep and began to dream. Again, in my dream, we were together in the rainbow-colored tunnel of light that opened into golden sparkly, beautiful light. There was an immense feeling of love and connection in the tunnel and a deep peace was within my heart. I remember telling Jim that it was ok to go, that we knew how much he loved us the same as the night before. I could feel his love for us and his peace within the depths of my soul. I watched as his soul, sparkly and white, ascended into the golden light. As he reached the golden light and was enveloped in it completely, the phone rang, waking me from my dream. I knew it was hospice before I answered. A kind nurse confirmed what I already had witnessed, that Jim had just passed in peace. I went to wake my mother-in-law, and as I entered her room, she sat straight up in bed, and before I told her, she said,” He’s gone. My angel was just with me in a dream and told me everything was going to be ok.”

We come from love and we return to love. Another layer lifted from my eyes with this beautiful gift from Jim, for I can more clearly see the sparkle of life and love in each human. In my daily work, I have learned to look for the miracle, for the Divine and celebrate seeing more than what meets my physical eyes.

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