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What's my purpose...

A client recently came in and said she had three questions for me. I said, "you know I am not a psychic, that's not really what I do." She simply responded, "I know. Just try to use your intuition and help me." I hesitantly agreed. She asked me her three questions with the third being, "what is my purpose here?" I laughed and told her she wasn't holding back and that I would try to "bring my A-game." She chuckled with me and encouraged me to give it a try.

So, with open minds, we began together. After working through her first two questions with some fun ah-ha moments and answers, we embarked on the mother of all questions. I mean, who doesn't want to know what their purpose is while here on Earth. Perhaps if I got an intuitive hit for her, I could fine tune my purpose a bit more too. As I asked the question, I directed it to Truth, one of my angels, and Sophie, one of my guides. The truth in their response rang in my ears with its simplicity. They said, "The purpose for all humans is the same. It is to give and receive love and to learn how to use their gifts in a way that serves others."

We both stared at one another, the truth spreading through us. She smiled and agreed. So many times I have made it so much more than this, so much harder, so complicated. But really, at the end of the day, love is all that matters. For love heals, uplifts, connects, inspires, overflows, nurtures, and never ends. What drives our higher selves? LOVE. I think the tricky part is, to give AND receive. Let's be honest, sometimes it is difficult to receive love from others, to let ourselves be loved fully and most of all to love all of ourselves. To really live our purpose though, we have to do both!

Part two of that answer, service through our gifts, seems like a "well of course, I knew that." And yet, how many of us really use our gifts in service to others? Everyone wants to matter, to belong, to be appreciated for what they have to offer and using our gifts is a way to tap into fulfillment of what we long for inside. Now the interesting part is, what are the gifts? When we take the time to figure out our gifts, what we really love doing and are good at, then sharing them becomes easier. We can't share something if we don't know what it is.

We don't have to make our service be our full-time day job; even using them as a volunteer or as a side project brings a sense of purpose. Perhaps it's a class at the library you teach, or a child you share your gift with or a book you write or a beautiful meal you create that brings people together...whatever your gifts are, use them. If you don't know what your gifts are, there is no time like the "now" to figure it out. I know how satisfying finding your gifts, developing them and then sharing them can be. I started using my gift of helping others heal while I was still at my corporate sales job and within several years had made the transition to doing it full-time. I felt in my soul that I had to make the leap because I was so happy sharing with others and watching others heal.

I believe we each have unique gifts, that special something that we can do really beautifully that makes us shine from the inside out. That, my dear friends, is your gift to share in service to the world. So go...go share it with the world because whether you believe it or not, someone is waiting to accept your gifts.

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