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How I Use Reiki...

I just returned from a beautiful trip with my family to Cozumel, Mexico; and while I was there, I was thinking about how Reiki has become part of who I am. Just like the skill of cooking or reading, it is a part of my everyday life. I find myself turning it on frequently throughout the day to make life better for myself and those I love. When I attune students to become Reiki Masters, I try to help them understand that they are becoming Reiki. However, how does someone comprehend that fully until after it is fully integrated into life. For anyone unfamiliar with Reiki, it is simply divinely guided loving energy that flows from God through the Reiki practitioner into others. And, an attunement is the process of passing the ability to have the energy flow through you onto another person so they can also use it.

On my vacation, here are a few ways that I found myself embodying Reiki without really thinking about it.

-Elise, my youngest daughter, got hurt and immediately came to me for Reiki to make it feel better.

-I cleared the space in our rented condo so it felt peaceful to me.

-Bella, my oldest daughter, got sea sick and I found myself putting my hands on her stomach to ease the queasiness.

-Our dishwasher shut off with a message E25 three times in a row so I sat and put Reiki in it and after just a few minutes of Reiki, it started and ran perfectly from then on.

-I sent Reiki to the beautiful whale sharks we swam with silently thanking them for the gift of their presence.

-I turned Reiki on and sent it to a crying child on the plane who needed comfort.

-I used it on Elise's earache to calm her and put her back to sleep.

-I used Reiki on myself every night as I fell asleep to rest well and recharge for the next day.

-I sent Reiki to Mother Nature while I was there at the merging of sky, land and sea to heal the damage that we, as humans, have done.

-I gave myself Reiki when I felt a bit uneasy and anxious after travel and the hustle of flying.

I think a lot of my clients think Reiki is only used in my sessions with them, but as you can see, I use it for all kinds of things. I love that I can share loving energy and healing with the world in all kinds of ways--not just in my office.

Some other gifts that Reiki brings with it are the ability to release and cut cords to people, issues and illness. You can create a protective field around yourself, your home, those you love, your car...and more. Receiving Reiki often brings great peace and healing to yourself and others. Reiki can clear out lower vibration energy creating a more harmonious space for life. I have also used it for simple things like opening jars that are "stuck" and getting electronics to start and run smoothly when they were acting up. A friend even used it to start her lawnmower that hadn't worked in several weeks.

If the ability for you to impact the daily life of yourself and others interests you, I encourage you to reach out and learn more. I will be conducting class for Reiki attunement this Fall and would love for those who are interested to join me.

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