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Intuitive Abilities - Gift or Consistent Practice?

I recently read a blog post by another medium. In this post, she mentioned how having clairvoyance, psychic abilities and clairaudience, aren't gifts. I was curious by her title statement, and as I read through the post, I came to appreciate fully what she was saying. She was reminding her readers that she has spent 10,000 plus hours practicing, studying and learning how to hone her intuitive skills, therefore making these abilities far more than simply natural-born talents.

I have to admit that on one hand I think she is right, but I also believe that these abilities are still gifts. The gift being that this is what I am interested in and have some natural talent in. Being gifted at something doesn't mean you don't have to practice and study the skill though. On the contrary, it means it is usually the one thing usually that you are willing to practice and practice and practice some more at. Think about those athletes that so many people admire. I guarantee they spend thousands upon thousands of hours practicing. See, when you truly love something, it isn't "work" to practice it. You have a desire to spend time developing that particular skill set over other skills.

I started to add up the hours that I spend each week practicing using my intuition and realized that I too am over the 10,000 hour mark in this lifetime and am still learning. I think it is the consistent practice that really differentiates our skills. I tune into my intuition daily for guidance on what to do next, on how to help clients and even which route home will be simplest. It's the consistent use of these skills for the big and small stuff in my life that creates my deep trust in my intuition.

Here are my top three practices that anyone can do to increase their intuitive abilities.


1. Journaling - I start most mornings with a cup of tea and write my "morning pages," a free thought form of journaling, where I dump my brain on the pages, clearing out the cobwebs, repetitive junk thoughts and create some space for my intuition to really shine. Usually the intuitive ideas and creations show up on page 2 and 3. I like to do this when the house is quiet and my family is still asleep.

2. Meditation - So much research has been done on meditation over the last decade that the benefits are undeniable. Not only does meditation benefit your health and mind, it also supercharges your intuition. Think of your intuition as a camera lens that helps you get the right angle on life to create the most beautiful existence possible. Now imagine your mind full of fog, muck and random thoughts. Those all float past the lens of your intuition. Meditation helps clear and focus the mind getting rid of the gunk. This keeps your lens clear so that your intuition can help you see more of what's possible.

3.Qi Gong - I find the gentle movement of qi gong keeps my energy flowing and nourishing my mind and body. My intuition always works better when I feel good inside my body. As an added bonus, qi gong is often referred to as a moving meditation. Often during the flowing movements, my mind is clear and open to receive guidance from my intuition on all kinds of topics. Just 7-10 minutes is enough to shift my energy and open up my senses.

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