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What is Accunect?

Making the transition from Corporate IT Sales to being an energy worker has been an interesting one. It's so easy to tell people a "normal" title like, National Account Director, but when you bust out with I'm an energy healer, or light worker, or energy facilitator, or just healer, it tends to get interesting. People always ask what training that requires. When I say I have trained in Accunect, Reiki and some other modalities then it gets really interesting.

Fortunately for me, most people have now heard of Reiki since it has spread so quickly throughout the United States in the last few years. However, when I mention Accunect, I get a questioning look. So, I am going to take a moment to explain Accunect here.

Accunect is a healing modality based on ancient Chinese wisdom including 5 Element theory, acupuncture/meridians, massage theory, craniosacral principles and more. It incorporates all facets of the body from organs and the physical aspects of self to the emotions and spiritual aspects. It is an extremely intuitive-based system that I have adapted to my unique style of healing.

In a session using Accunect, I use muscle checking to ask the client's body, not their conscious mind what needs to balance. If you are not familiar with muscle checking, it can be done multiple ways, but I use my index and thumb fingers to make loops on both hands that interlink, if the loop holds with light pull when I ask a question, for me, that is a no. If it breaks easily, then that is a yes. This takes training the body/mind/intuitive connection so you get out of you left "thinking" brain and into the right "intuitive" side of the brain. By asking the clients body, I can really get to the root cause of the imbalance, not just the symptoms.

In Chinese medicine, the principle is that the body can heal itself and that something is a bit out of balance causing the "dis" ease in the body. When you can find what is out of balance and bring it into harmony, the body heals. I am helping the body bring itself into balance with my intention, telling the body what to balance and then I simply tap over the head to tell the body to pay attention and make the change and the heart to tell the body to save the new balance.

I believe we are all made to heal and this modality lets me help people tap into their innate ability to create true change and healing on all levels. No two sessions are alike because we are constantly changing, growing and healing. Want to experience an Accunect session? Check out the video below to receive a balance for peace right now by watching me online!

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