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Anxiety is probably one of the most common issues that I see clients for.  My heart always softens for anyone experiencing anxiety because I have been stuck in that emotional state, have felt the undercurrent tightening in my chest making it hard to be present and have found it difficult to fully enjoy life.  I started dealing with anxiety in HS when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue after having a severe case of mono.  I was anxious that I would never feel better.  Then, I had my first panic attack when I was just 17.  

I was on my way to see my long-distance boyfriend at the time; and after 13 hours in the car, I couldn't wait to see him.  We got to the meeting place, but he wasn't there.  We waited, but he didn't come.  That's when my anxiety kicked into high gear.  I started to make up all kinds of stories in my head.  He didn't love me, he met someone else, he had a car accident brain kept going.  In a time before cell phones, there was no way to just call him other than a pay phone.  I tried; no answer. This compounded the  anxious state of my mind.  My mom said we should just go get checked into the place we were staying, wait, and that he would show up. 

I agreed; and on the surface, I looked a bit worried, but just kept breathing and trying to appear calm.  Underneath, I was stewing, fretting and rehearsing worst case scenarios.  Several hours later, he did appear.  He had been held up by his commanding officer on the military base where he was stationed, but he had no way of contacting me to let me know.  That was not one of the stories I had made up.  I was relieved and elated to see him, and we had a great evening of catching up over dinner. I appeared to be my normal self, and I really tried to be.

However, under the surface, all the trapped emotions of panic, betrayal, fear, anxiety, and loss were still swirling around in my body with no way to get out.  My body didn't know that those were stories I had made up; it was still in fight or flight as if it were real.  When my mom came into my room before going to bed, she found me knees curled up, sobbing, shaking and rocking.  It was an explosion of emotions unlike anything I had ever experienced.  The emotion had to come out. Looking back, I can still remember the build up, the pain, the fear and the crash.  I couldn't breath, thought my chest might explode and wished to die rather than feel that way. The panic lasted for several hours until I cried myself to sleep while my mom lovingly held me trying to calm the storm. 

Thankfully, our nervous system resets when we sleep and mine did that night.  I woke feeling wrung out but not panicked the next day.  Over the years, I experienced more anxiety and panic attacks until I found energy medicine.  Over time, getting my energy balanced reset me, calmed my anxiety and helped most of the panic. 

I have realized panic occurs when I am not in control of a situation, make up a terrible, scary story and trigger my body into extreme fight or flight.  Then after the truth is revealed, and it isn't what I made up, I still have to let all the emotions I spun up out. 

Perhaps you can relate to this story, to feeling anxious or even to having a panic attack.  I want to help.  I have several techniques in addition to energy work that have really help me be present and enjoy life. 

First, if you can make up a terrible story about what is happening, you can acknowledge that it is just that - a story.  Try being present when you feel anxious and ask yourself what the story is that you have playing out in your mind.  Write it down and stop replaying it.  Then have the conversation with someone to help calm your mind and ask what the truth is.

Second, breath.  We start shallow breathing and lock up our chest which is why if feels like someone is tightening a strap around our chest when we are anxious or panicked.  Work on breathing into the diaphragm.  Try counting and making your exhale twice as long as your inhale.  This will tell your body to relax.

Third, energy balance.  Yes, I have pulled up my own videos and watched them when I have felt anxious and can't sleep.  Having an energy reset can really help take the edge off and get your body calm again. Check out the anxiety balance below. I suggest watching a balance several times a week to prevent anxiety from building up. There are over 70 to choose from on my YouTube channel Blossom Wellness & Healing.

Fourth, exercise.  We can process a lot of energy through regular exercise.  Find what works for you and stick to it.  Aim for 3-5 times a week for at least 20 minutes.  However, even just 7 minutes is enough to create a state change. So go take a brisk walk or dance in your living room to 2-3 songs!

Fifth, meditation. Yes, I know that everyone talks about it, but it really does work.  You can do it sitting quietly with eyes closed, but here are some other meditative practices I use:

  • Gardening

  • Journaling

  • Hiking

  • Painting

  • Sitting outside really looking at the space between things, shadows and light

  • Guided meditation

  • Breath counting

Find a way to reset your brain.  I am not the best at sitting for 20 minutes in the quiet.  I do it, but I also vary my practice with other forms of meditation.  I know people who cross stitch or crochet for their meditation.  Cultivate a form of meditation that works for you and fits your lifestyle.  Even just five minutes will help.

I hope that my story helps you know you are not alone if you struggle with anxiety and/or panic attacks and that some of these suggestions help you enjoy your life more. Give each one a try, find out what helps you the most and create a life that you love. I know you are here to enjoy the present, to connect with others and live your best life! Get started with the balance below!

If you need a boost in another area of your life, please check out the library of Wellness Boosts on my YouTube channel. There are almost 70 videos there to help you shift and find balance in 10 minutes or less! 


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