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Signs From The Other Side

I woke up at 5:55 a.m., and laid there thinking about noticing signs in my life. I looked at the clock when I got up at 6:33 a.m. Seems signs are everywhere, right now. For me, signs come in repeating numbers on the clock, on physical signs, on license plates, and on billboards. They come to me through animals, messages, and even lights turning off-and-on. What I know is when I ask for a sign I will get one. I don't call the things I notice coincidences when they come, I call them "signs". Are you getting signs? Are you paying attention to them or dismissing them?

You must pay attention when you ask for guidance. You may see something, and then get a feeling, when you think about the guidance you seek. Maybe you feel peace and know it will be ok, or maybe you get a sick feeling in your gut when you think of all the options you have in life. Pay attention to that feeling. When you hear a whisper of guidance, or you envision the options you are weighing, allow these signs to help you play out in your mind's eye to know how they each end so you can choose with confidence. Maybe you will smell something that isn't there and follow your nose to the right answer. I wouldn't rule out any option for spirit to use as a sign.

Throughout time, people have sought guidance from the other side. They have gone on quests, prayed, fasted, meditated in caves, and more. The key is to trust a sign when it comes; it is guidance. I see a lot of people ask for answers or support from the etheric realm and then say it's just "coincidence" or a "fluke" when it comes, because they are scared they actually received an answer. Don't be afraid, acknowledge the support, say "Thank you! May I have more?" and keep asking!

I have seen two pairs of cardinals for over two years in my hemlock tree. For me, the birds are a sign that my grandparents are with me. They wake me in the morning singing to one another, and their songs encourage me to keep going. I know they are working in the etheric realm to help me. A feeling of love washes over me; I sense their support, and I let go of my worries for the day.

Last summer I had a juvenile robin who would come to visit me when I was outside doing energy work, reading, or meditating. When I looked up robins on, this is what it said, "Robin symbolism signifies the stimulation of new growth and renewal in many areas of life. Thus Robin’s meaning teaches that you can make changes with joy, laughter, and a song in your heart." What a great sign, and so timely!

Another one of my favorite signs over the past two years is 11:11. Sometimes I see it in the a.m. and the p.m. I feel encouraged that I'm in the proper phase of life, that I can make a conscious decision of how I wish my life will evolve. Remember . . . thoughts become actions, so 11:11 is a reminder to me to continue creating my life with intention. I imagine my business expanding, a life I love that's full of connection, fun, and peace.

One of my other favorite number signs over the past several years is 4:44. For me, this is the angel number. It's my angels saying, "We've got you, take a deep breath and relax." I feel excited when I see 11:11 because I know I am okay, and I'm more supported than I can even imagine. Sometimes, I feel like they are joking with me saying, "Did you think we had left you alone?" I like having a reminder that we are never alone.

Now, combine them and you get 11:44 which I had never noticed until it was the exact time my mom passed just 2 months ago. I don't think it is a coincidence that over the past two years (as she battled cancer, and I went through a rough divorce) that I saw 11:11 and 4:44. I also think it was a final act of love from my mom, as her angel and family took her to heaven, to combine the two numbers I so frequently see to tell me that I am in a new beginning, with unlimited support from her, my loved ones, and angels. No, I am not chalking it up to an anomaly. I am saying "Thank you!" and seeing 11:44 more frequently as a sign.

Speaking of my sweet mom...last week while on vacation, I asked her for a special shell to let me know she was with us. The first day, I headed straight for the beach, walked into the water, and right there by my foot was a beautiful white shell. The girls and I call them "angel wings," and last summer I found a pair when I asked for a sign of support. I have never found this type of shell before and have no doubt that my angels provided it last summer, and that this summer they were a gift from my mom. And since I like to get multiple signs, last summer I asked for another special shell and found a banded tulip snail shell the size of my palm! My daughter smiled and said, "Now your angels are just showing off!" At the same time, she found a baby white sand dollar! We both laughed and thanked our angels for their love and support. As you can imagine, I asked mom for another sign on the last day of our trip. We had found small, under an inch long, conch shells and pieces all week. Before our walk at low tide, I specifically asked her for a larger conch shell around the size of my palm. Little did I know that my youngest daughter asked for the same sign. As we were walking on the shore, I looked down and there at my feet was the conch shell! I picked it up, rinsed it off, and when Elise saw it she exclaimed, "I asked Nana for that as a sign she was with us!" I said, "So did I!" We listened in the shell and could hear the whisper of the sea, and of my mom saying "I love you." What a gift from the etheric!

One of the other biggest physical signs in the last few months came this January 6th. I was talking with a friend and the floor lamp behind my sofa turned off. January 6th is my grandma's birthday. I was feeling frustrated over some changes in my life that I had perceived as "bad," when the light turned off right next to me while all the other lights stayed on. I knew Grandma was there reassuring me. I said aloud, "Hi Grandma. Happy Birthday." I also asked her for help in my life, and thanked her for her support and love. When I finished my sentence, the light turned back on! No doubt in my mind that it was her.

I often ask for guidance or signs and think it will be rainbows and butterflies; affirmations that I am doing great and getting it right. But sometimes, the signs feel more like a slap upside my head and are jolting. They cause me to cry, scream, and question, but are so glaringly obvious as an answer to my requests that I still say "Thank you." It's like hitting a guardrail in life -- it leaves a dent, but then bounces you back onto your main path.

Pay attention if you are seeking signs. What song do you wake up singing in your head? What time do you see over and over when you wake? Look up what that number means to other people? For me, 5:55 is a new number, but when I studied what it means, I learned changes and a transformation are coming. I couldn't agree more. I feel it in my core, and I am excited (and a teensy bit scared at the same time)! Do you see the same numbers repeated? Trust yourself to know what is guidance for you. Do you have a bird in your yard who sings to you or makes eye contact? Look up what that bird means? Watch for patterns. If you ask, the etheric realm will answer. It's not always the answer you think you'll get, but trust in the Divine wisdom of love in the spirit realm. They won't steer you wrong.


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