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You Are Enough

I recently had a heart-to-heart with a friend about my thoughts on having the feeling of not being enough when a relationship ends. I think we have a tendency to go to, "I wasn't enough or they would have stayed." Or, "If I was enough, they would have changed for me." After a lot of personal "I am enough" work over the last three plus years, I have a very different perspective about relationships and feeling enough.

First, we are all born enough. God doesn't make junk. You are enough. I am enough. We are all doing the best we can in the moment we are in with the knowledge and skillset we have to cope with in life. The journey is hard, and doing our best is all we can do. It's enough to be you. Being in a state of presence and acceptance of all the aspects of yourself, good, bad and ugly goes a long way towards feeling enough. It's fine to continue to grow and learn, but know that right now as you read this, you are already enough.

Second, it is enough to be in a relationship with someone, grow, learn, love and be. If it ends, it doesn't mean that you weren't enough, it means you wanted something different. It also doesn't mean that the other person isn't enough. It means that you want something different than what they are offering. Gratitude for the experience is the way out. Feel grateful for what you learned, healed and experienced with the other person. I am learning it is better to have the experience and accept what is than feel like I failed. Nothing is permanent in life; change is constant. Living in gratitude makes the endings easier.

Third, forgiveness and release are the keys. While I sometimes struggle with forgiveness like most people, when I can live in letting go and letting God, I am much happier with myself. Holding onto resentment that someone didn't think "you were enough" keeps you hostage to your thoughts, the other person and a lower energy. Releasing them with grace and forgiveness frees you to live in being enough. To help you let go, try to take a deep breath and feel into your body where the hurt and connection is, now ask to be released of this connection and imagine cutting the hurt free. Now imagine a healing light filling you with love and helping you feel whole again.

You can try these three simple steps anytime you feel less than enough. Sit with yourself, choose to feel that you are enough, say it out loud. I am enough. Now find gratitude for something good that came out of the relationship. Sit with that and offer thanks for it. Let it liberate your mind with it's higher vibration. Now, ask why you are holding onto resentment towards someone who made you feel not enough. Ask for help from Source to let it go and rest in the fact that you are enough.

I hope this helps you move forward in a fresh way, let go of your past and know you are enough!


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