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How I met my angels...

I get asked a lot if I have always had my “gifts.” I honestly think I have. I believe we are all born with gifts that we are able to choose to develop or not. Just like everyone can play basketball or learn accounting, everyone has intuition and insight. The key is, are you interested in a skill and desire to develop it or not. For me, clairvoyance and clairaudience developed as I asked to be given the gifts and practiced being quiet and listening, seeing and sensing everyday.

I can look at my life and say there were 3 distinct experiences that shifted my abilities with my “gifts.” The first was back in 2012 when I took a class to meet my guardian angel. A wonderful teacher taught me how to gently increase my vibration, rise up out of my body and ascend into the spiritual realm. I easily went up and was enthralled by the whole experience. As I looked around the ethers, feeling weightless and free, there, situated in the light, was a being with a hawk head and an angel body. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I asked the being who he was and came to understand that he is my guardian angel. He told me his name was Bo. I said like the Dukes of Hazard Bo, he laughed and said no, B-E-A-U, Beau. I smiled and said oh, of course, the French version with a giggle. He has a fun sense of humor and often appears with dark hair and flashing blue eyes and a heart-warming smile. His primary job is to protect me as I walk through this life, encourage me and stay by my side, always. Angels were never people, they are separate beings created by God. Each person has a guardian angel; I am convinced sometimes mine works overtime!

Shortly after I met him, I got a flat tire along 71 South on my way to Louisville. I had my girls and a friend in the car with me and we were in torrential rain. The girls were afraid as semis roared by shaking our stopped car. I told them we would ask our angels to protect us and that everything would be fine. I called AAA and requested help. They said someone would come within 30 minutes. After 45 minutes, I called again. I was told another 30 minutes; again, no help.

After 2 hours, the rain had stopped, my kids had to use the restroom and we had eaten the brownies we had with us. I got out and started to unload my trunk to change the tire myself. As I heaved the double stroller out, a wrecker pulled up. I was so relieved. The gentleman approached and started to help me change the tire. In conversation, he asked how long I had been there. I told him 2 hours. He said, “don’t you have AAA?” I replied, “aren’t you AAA?” He said “no, I just saw you here and thought you needed help.” I told him I was so grateful he did.

Just then, we heard the screeching of tires, smelled burning rubber and the long honk of an angry semi! We looked to see a blue mustang cutting over from the fast lane to the shoulder about 100 yards South. The mustang quickly reversed and backed up towards us. The man helping change my tire looked at me in wonder and asked if I knew the men in the car. I said “no, I don’t.” As the two men approached, they looked creepy, malicious and all the hairs on my neck stood up. Every instinct in me said “danger!” They told us they were sent by AAA and told my tow truck rescuer to go ahead and leave, they would take it from here. My tow truck driver calmly replied that he was almost finished and they should just go ahead and go. They began to argue with him. In the meantime, my friend felt the danger at the sight of the men, had locked the doors in the car and had 911 plugged into her phone. The tow truck driver quietly told me to get in the car, lock the doors and that he would handle it. I did as he said and prayed for protection for all of us. Eventually, the two men gave up and drove on.

My kind tow truck driver told me he had a shop and could try to patch my tire because he was concerned about me driving 45 miles on a spare. I told him I would be very grateful. To my amazement, as we got off the exit and stopped at the red light, he jumped out and came back to tell me he would wait at the gas station for me so I could take my girls to the restroom and get them a snack. We then followed him to his shop, all still a bit shaken. He patched the tire and put it back on quite quickly. I asked what I owed him for his generous help. His kind reply surprised me, “I think you have been through enough tonight. You don’t owe me anything.” I was stunned. He then said that I could call AAA and let them know he had helped me since he is on the AAA dispatch but never got the call. He handed me his card with a smile brushing his dark hair back under his hat. My mouth dropped open as I read his card. His name was Beau! I am sure that sometimes, angels take human form to protect us.

Watch for my next post on the second experience that expanded my awareness.

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