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Sixth Sense

Are you five sensory or six sensory? Five sensory individuals use taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing to experience their world and make decisions. Sixth sensory people use an additional sense, their intuition. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a sixth sense, just not everyone is "tuned” into it. What I know is that tuning into your sixth sense unlocks a more creative, rich world.

For centuries the sixth sense has been celebrated and persecuted. It is our hunches, our vibes, the strange feeling that we have to do something that doesn’t make sense at the moment. It’s the small voice inside that guides decisions when we are quiet and listen. I have found that as my intuition has developed, my life has gotten smoother. Even in my corporate career, I used my intuition to guide the sales process. I would always “know” what price would be right for my client or when would be the best time to call on them and they would be willing to chat. I paid close attention to these guideposts and had a highly successful career.

I listened to my intuition about what courses and books to read to develop my skills as an energy practitioner. I have used my sixth sense to know when to leave relationships, when to call a friend who needed to talk, when to send a text to someone and even when to search for cheap airfare and get the vacation I wanted.

Here’s a recent example of how listening to my "gut" saved me a lot of heartache. On the Monday before we were supposed to leave for Mexico this summer, I got a sinking feeling that overwhelmed me. I tuned into what it could be and felt that my daughters' passports were expired even though I had only gotten them around 5 years prior. I immediately asked my husband, and he said no they weren’t. I suggested we check them to be sure. He got them out of the safe and told me in a bit of a panicked tone that indeed they were expired. We got online and looked up the renewal process and found that we could drive to Detroit. We called for an appointment and easily got one. I cancelled my appointments for the following day, and we headed to Detroit. We met with the agent at 11:30 and by 2:45, we had new passports in hand so we could go enjoy our vacation the following morning!

Sometimes, our intuition saves us from disasters or accidents. One morning I was taking my daughter to my mother-in-laws. I had vacuumed the night before and had left the vacuum out. I can honestly say, I don’t think I have ever done that. I didn’t even wind up the cord. As I was ready to walk out the door, I had this overwhelming sense that I had to wind up the cord and put it away. I struggled with the thought for a moment because I didn’t want to be late and then decided to do it. I took the minute or two and wound the cord and put it away. On the way to her house, my daughter and I came upon a terrible accident that had happened minutes prior. A car had hit another car knocking it off the road and into a ravine. People were pulling over to help, and Elise and I stared in horror. We both thanked God for saving us through the persistent feeling that the vacuum had to be put away.

My life is so much better when I trust in my guidance and more frustrating when I don't. It can be as simple as thinking I should grab a sweater for the car on the way out the door and then being so grateful I did in an icy air conditioned restaurant. Or like a random inkling to put tea tree oil in my purse, ignoring it, and then having one of my girls get bit by a mosquito the next day and ask me for tea tree oil and realizing I didn't listen. I try to just go with the hunch, inkling, urge, vibe, hit or whatever other name you want to give it because, really, what would it hurt to put the tea tree in my purse or have a sweater in the car, or be a few minutes late because I put the sweeper away? Do you listen to your intuition? Maybe you can't even hear yours right now? Take heart, using our intuition doesn't always come easily to everyone, but it is just like any other muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Try giving yours a work-out and see what happens.

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