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A Conversation With Sophie, My Guide, on Decision Making

I was spending time chatting with my main spirit guide, Sophie, today. I was asking her for some advice on a decision I need to make regarding some new technology I want to implement. What she said seemed too good not to share.

"It doesn’t matter, just decide and go with it rather than wasting energy debating forever before deciding. Sometimes it is better to decide and start and then change your mind as more information is added. Humans get too rigid in being right. If you stay with the flow then you can make adjustments as new information comes in. You get too caught up in getting it right forever from the beginning. Life isn’t like that because every decision has a repercussion and every thought creates a new energy and the universe is always changing to keep up with what you are wanting to create and how everyone responds. So, thinking you are locked into one decision is a major flaw because you will waste a lot of time and energy trying to be right all the time when you can make a small new decision and stay in the flow. Staying in the flow of life to create what you want needs to be more important than being right. Do you want to flow or be right should be the question, not do you want to be happy or right? It is hard to be right all the time without making some adjustments as you get new information and energy.

You can feel it when you are in flow, life is easier, more fun and you have a sense of ease. When you are out of flow, life feels heavy, difficult and exhausting. Remember, you cannot push the river. "

I asked, " Why do we paddle upstream to be right?" Sophie continued, "Being right is a judgement call anyway. What is right for some isn’t right for all. Flow is a state of being that honors you and your goals while honoring those around you. It means you are taking one day at a time and being present because you can’t see what is in the river upstream, you must make decisions on steering when you get there based on how it is flowing. Use your white water rafting trip for example. When everyone was doing their best and choosing to go with the flow, things went smoothly. When you practiced turns and some went one way and others another, you got out of synch and went no where. You could only paddle the part of the river you were in. You didn’t get to jump ahead to the 7 stairs or the toilet bowl or widow maker. No, you paddled where you were. You had a great guide who helped you know when to paddle hard, when to turn and what was coming. That’s us: we are the river guides. You have to listen to us though, you can’t just blaze ahead. If you had known all that lie ahead, you might have been anxious. Instead you were excited about what was to come because you put your trust in your guide. Staying in the flow of the river helps you not fight the current of life, helps you correct decisions as you go and keeps you moving forward."

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